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Simple and Effective Ways to Relax Your Mind from Stress

Relax. Just take a deep breath. Clear your mind of all negativity — let go of any stress. There, now don’t you feel better? If only relaxing were as simple as following these words. As most of us know however, relaxing is often much easier said than done.

It’s no secret we live in an increasingly stressful world and being able to relax often seems like a pipe dream. But the truth is, relaxing — truly relaxing your mind and your body, is achievable.

There are many different ways to relax and these techniques may help to calm you down and make you feel more at peace, so try to find the one(s) that work best for you:

1. Get your green tea on
This herbal tonic gives you the benefits of L-Theanine, a chemical that can help reduce the body’s stress responses Trusted Source. Plus just staring at a mug of the green liquid on your desk might calm you, too, thanks to the earthy color’s ability to soothe Trusted Source.

2. Chillax with some chocolate
When you need a quick break, break off a square of dark chocolate to boost your brain health and reduce stress Trusted Source. As an added bonus, dark chocolate is lower in sugar than milk chocolate, but it hits the sweet tooth sweet spot.

3. Chewing gum
Chewing gum is an easy way to keep the stress monster at bay while potentially boosting your mood and productivity Trusted Source.

4. Listen to your favorite tunes
Surely you have a Spotify playlist to pep you up or soothe your soul. Crank it. Just listening to music has relaxation benefits, one study shows Trusted Source.

5. Smell the flowers
Really, stop and sniff ’em. Keep a fresh jar of your favorite variety near your workspace or in the living room, and take a whiff whenever stress strikes.

6. Eat a banana
This popular fruit is packed with potassium and magnesium which are natural muscle relaxants. Next time you feel your blood pressure rising, take a quick, healthy snack break, and find your balance once more.

7. Splash cold water on your face
Head to the loo and turn on the cold tap. Cool your hands and face with H2O and dab some on your pulse points. Cold water has an energizing effect. But it can also calm you if you’re body temp is rising after a sticky convo with your partner or a beef with your boss.

8. Make a happy list
Set a timer for four minutes, and list the good things in your life. By switching your thoughts from negative to positive, you can actually rewire the brain for a better, calmer reaction to future stress.

9. Laugh
Cue up some YouTube videos. Nothing busts a bad mood quite as well as the giggles. Even science says laughter is the best medicine. But you can see for yourself. Get a load of these fitness-obsessed felines for a few chuckles.

10. Talk to a pal
Talking out your feelings with a ride-or-die friend can put your mind at ease and let you know someone genuinely cares. If you’re pressed for time, even a quick back-and-forth text session can be a lifeline.

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