Am I pregnant?

My last period started on the 27 Nov and ended on the 1st of December. According to my period tracker my period was due to start at around the beginning of Jan, however I am now 16 days late.

I did not have sexual intercourse however my boyfriend did put the tip of his penis into my vagina for about 1 minute but with no ejaculation, this happened on roughly the 2nd of Jan.

I have been feeling very drousy and tired throughout the day. I have taken a few pregnancy tests and they’ve all came out negative. Is there any chance I may be pregnant? My boyfriend and I are not ready to raise a child and therefore we are getting a bit worried as my period has never been this late before.

  1. As you have done urine pregnancy test and it’s negative. So it doesn’t seems to delayed because of pregnancy. U need to do tsh, prolactin, fsh, cbc n blood sugar random at some lab. If it’s normal then go for ultrasound of abdomen consult online with details.

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