I am a active 22yr old male. i have been dealing with iron deficiency/anemia for about an year now.  About a year ago I went to my pcp due to extreme fatigue and it was found my hemoglobin was 11.3 and ferritin was 3.1.  I was started on oral iron supplementation and was referred to a hematologist and they said it was probably just normal iron deficiency anemia continue iron supplementation and follow up with pop. I was also referred to a GI by my pcp and was  scheduled for an EGD and colonoscopy.  The colonoscopy was perfectly normal, and the EGD revealed that I had hemorrhagic gastritis.  So I was started on Nexium and Zantac.  Then a follow up EGD was done about 4 months later and the bleeding had stopped.  As well as my Hemoglobin had risen to 13.7 and my ferritin was still low at 4 but rising so my dr was confident it was working and the issue was solved.  Then I had labs done in august and my hemoglobin was 14.4 and ferritin was up to 15.4. so it was steady increasing.  But I just had labs drawn last week and my hemoglobin was 15.1, but ferritin has dropped down to 8.9. I was wondering what I should I do, what should I discuss with my doctor, should I see a hematologist again, im currently seeing my pcp which is a general internal medicine physician, lastly  is iron transfusion an option? What should my next steps be?


I make sure not to take the Nexium and Zantac at the same time as the iron to not interfere with the absorption of the iron supplementation.

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  1. Better get orofer injection

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