Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my hands?


I have hand problems, to undersimplify. I have DeQuervain’s bilateral, Dupuytrens on the RH (radiated, no more issues ) and cyst on the top of my wrist on LH. My Physiatrist told me I have a slight Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (no symptoms) and the beginnings of osteoarthritis Bi lateral (not enough to cause symptoms). Apart from DeQuervains pain, I have pain in my index finger RH specially when I flex it. It feels, I can’t describe it any better, like I have a tight glove on and it is hard to flex (I had to switch the mouse button side). I had an MRI more than 5 years ago and it revealed tenosinovitis of said index finger and some fluid deposited around the tendons of all my fingers. But here is the real puzzling affliction, I seem to have some kind of generalized tendonitis bi lateral and the pain seems to occur for no reason. Also I get injured too easily. For example, today while I was sweeping the floor the inside of my left thumb and under my index finger down to my palm started to hurt badly. Every so often when I grab something with force ( or just in an awkward way) the knuckles at the base of my fingers in the palm of my hands hurt. I thought it was the osteoarthritis but I finally realized it was actually the tendons being compressed. I’ve looked everywhere for something that could explain this strange “all tendons inflamed” disease to no avail. I had a failed DeQuervains surgery, physiotherapy and all kinds of NSAID”S and methylprednisolone course twice. They’ve only injected once BiLateral for DeQuervain’s. I’ve been trying to get them to inject me in the other problem areas but they simply ignore me. Any ideas?t

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  1. You can send your picture of it and your details. So that we can suggest a splint for it. And for the treatment basis you can go for a ultrasound therapy along with infra red radiation. Apply ice pack to reduce the inflammation. As you are far away you need to refer a nearby physiotherapists to undergo a treatment.

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