Chance of hiv transmissiom

  • 1 week ago we had a picnic. We were all male but after sometimes when it was dusk in the evening, 2 female came amd my friends start dancing with them.. i was standing on the corner while they were dancing , but one of the girl shake her ass and rubbing between my thigh.. later small precum develop and a wet spot is there on my track pant.. the girl was wearing jeans, she done dancing again around 20 second coming close to me, rubbing and grinding my private area. I dont want to kiss or have sex as i am married… After two days, i came to know from other people that the girl was having serious fungal skin infection on her buttock, with blister and pus sometimes leak from that area…. Ifthe pus or blister fluid pass though from her jeans and reach my precum wet area on my track pant (where she was rubbing 3 or 4 time with her ass).. i left the place and went home.. Is there any chance of infection ?? ?.. Do i need to get hiv test .. what are the chance of getting the infection ?
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