I am 53 Year female, I have varicose veins in both legs

In July 2016 I got laser operation done in my right leg and till August 2018, everything was fine and legs were healthy. But suddenly there is swelling which is not going even after taking Daflon 1000 mg tabs and there is large black as well as red blood clotted patches in my both lower limbs and pain all over the area described. Sometimes, there is burning sensation from within and itching all over the rashes. I am keeping leg elevated during sleep and resting time. Kindly suggest me how to go ahead with medications and treatment for this problem. I am unable to walk, keep my legs on the floor or even wear footwear.

  1. Hi. You are heavy weight persons with your height and weight ration. Some points 1. Ubm8ght have some diff problem at present than varicose veins or it can be same 2. Get one repeat venous duplex done in standing position to confirm above mention stuff. 3. Consult vascular surgeon. As varicose veins can have recurrence in some cases. Which may or may not require intervention. 4. Start wearing proper stockings. To control disease at this stage. 5 avoid itching or scratching getting ulcer following minimal trauma is worse thing we want in this sceanrio. If has more question get back to me.

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