i want fat loss diet for gym for six pack

i want fat loss diet for gym for six pack my height is 5.8 weight 70kg

  1. Include following tips to your present routine to gain weight.

    6 to 8 egg whites in any form daily.

    1 bowl of sprout chaat daily in breakfast.

    Take 2 glasses of banana shake daily in a day.

    Add kalachana atta yo wheat atta in equal quantity to prepare rotis and apply ghee on them.

    Eat protein rich snacks like roasted chana, sprouts, paneer tikka, paneer sandwich, paneer bhurjee etc.

    Start with 30 min body building exercises with 15 mins jogging alternate days.

    Say NO to fried and fast food.

    6 to 8 hours sleep is must for muscle development.

    Avoid alcohol if it is not regular basis.

    Limit your tea and coffee intake.

    Avoid carbonated cola drinks.

    Fruit juices and coconut water are better options to rehydrate yourself.

    Cook vegetables in iron kadhai.

    Take 3 to 4 drops of lemon juice in normal water after your meals.

    Take 5 to 6 dates and 4 to 5 soaked almonds daily with milk daily.

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