IBS, appendicitis or just gas?


I had been constipated for about a week, and I still overate for the holidays. Christmas day I started feeling bloated and gassy, until I finally exploded (literally) and got sick. Ever since I’ve been having some discomfort on my lower right abdomen (around illiac crest). It’s not really a lot of pain, or constant, but it does feel like a pinch everytime I eat or I move a lot. It hasn’t moved to any other areas, and for some reason I psyched myself thinking maybe it’s my appendix or something. Other than that I just have a loss of appetite, my diarrhea has stopped today but I’m not eating much other than chicken broth or white rice. I did develop a low fever just today that’s been lingering all day even with taking ibuprofen (99.4-99.9).

Is all of this enough to go see a doctor or I’m just being over anxious?

Note: I had my gallbladder removed about 5 years ago.

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  1. you are likely to be suffering from gastric flu. Get examined by dr.

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