Immediate measure when BP id high


I have fluctuating blood pressure(high BP) and on medication and having my medicine at some particular time as prescribed .Sometimes I feel my BP is high when I am outside or busy with office work. what can be done to get immediate relief? I cannot have my medicine anytime of the day.

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  1. Dear share your bp status. Will guide you then that is share exact values.

  2. First of all— there are no miracle, natural quick cures. Anyone who tells you the contrary is a quack, pure and simple.
    However, getting a program together with your family physician which includes diet, healthy eating, good cardio exercise, and getting rid of the “dangers”(smoking, high caffeine intake, alcohol, etc.) and possibly medication can bring your BP in line with recommendations.

    • Thanks for your answer. The suggestions seem to be plan for curing BP. I am doing that anyway. But my question was what should I do immediately when you realize your BP is quite high.Is there any breathing exercise which can make BP lower and give some relief?

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