Is having a fast heart rate of about 100-120 bpm one week after drinking alcohol and trying cannabis for the first time normal?


It’s been one week since I had the panic attack after having drank and smoked. What I notice now is that my pulse is always very high. Usually around 90-105 bpm while sitting and it gets up to 120 bpm while standing. Though, it could get around 80 bpm while laying down, this seems clearly not normal to me. As part of the symptoms, I feel very tired most of the time, also I do stress a lot about it and I suffer from anxiety too but that’s not something new. I would be grateful if I could have further opinions on this matter.

Thank you!

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  1. Tachycardia is a fast or irregular heart rhythm, usually more than 100 beats per minute and as many as 400 beats per minute. At these elevated rates, the heart is not able to efficiently pump oxygen-rich blood to your body. Tachycardia can be dangerous, depending on its underlying cause and on how hard the heart has to work. However, tachycardia significantly increases the risk of stroke, sudden cardiac arrest, and death. Let’s discuss your concern in detail so that we can provide you with the best medical plan.

  2. Start cap. Betacap tr 40 twice daily monitor bp by electronic b.p.instruments keep free from anxiety your self.

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