Is there any possibility to prepone my period

Hi doctor

My regular period is on 11 th of the month. Next month 13th . My brother marriage is there. I dont want to postpone my period because later I have to face the problem. So, can i prepone my period. I am married. No chances of pregnancy.

  1. Are you looking for natural way or looking for pills?

    There are pills are but these pills not free of side effects(can cause short term side effects like GI upset, mood swings, irregular bleeding or spotting).

    Below are two natural remedies to prepone your periods:

    1. Drink hot turmeric water twice daily for 15 days.
    It will make your periods come soon to 5 days before. Make this drink by mixing 3-9 gms of turmeric in 1 glass of hot water and have it daily.
    2. Eat ripe papaya.
    papaya stimulates menstruation. It induces excessive heat in your body and the carotene in papaya stimulates the estrogen hormone which leads to make your period come soon. Eat as much papaya as you can for this.

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