m suffering from severe back pain since 45days… did mri report says its diffuse disc bluge with bifectal orthopathy causing spinal canal bilateral lateral recess narrowing with indentation of thecalsac and compression of bilateral traversing nerve root

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    avoid forward bending and lifting weights sit straight with support, take frequent breaks while working,hotter fomentation 5 minutes three times a day.

    I am prescribing you some medicines.
    Prescribed Medicines(5)

    1. Calcigo CT Softgel Capsules
    Daily for 1 month

    2. Calcigo 60K Soft Gelatin Capsule
    Weekly once for 3 months

    3. Gabapin ME 100 Tablet
    Morning-1, Night-1
    Daily for 1 month

    4. Volitra Plus Spray
    Daily for 5 days

    5. Hifenac TH 100 mg/4 mg Tablet
    Morning-1, Afternoon-1, Night-1
    Daily for 1 week

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