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Hi, This is Sohel, 36 years old. Just to ask for treatment or guideline-
Last couple of days i have been feeling pain in my lower left abdomen. Especially night time when i go to bed. In Day time a little bit of pain & as always. My urine color is yellowish but if i drink more water urine color is clear. But my problem is i don’t feel thirsty, a day i use to drink around 1 or 1 & half LTR water.

Could anyone guide on this issue, seeking an immediate response?

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  1. This can be a symptom of UTI (Urinary tract infection), use can cantharis mother tincture.

    What r other symptoms that you r experiencing? By doing what like walking, exertion, eating or empty stomach- it increases or decreases in intensity. For how much time the pain remains? Is there stiffness also? How is your appetite? R you constipated? It can be because if indigestion or infection or gas or urine infection etc. but I need to know more to be able to make diagnosis.

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    • Dear Sir Mr.Shakti,
      First of all, i am so thankful to u for ur replay & highly appreciated.

      So far still that pain is there and last the last couple of days my back west also starts paining, sometimes it’s so hard & worst. Same time i feel like lay down on the bed or to sit to get relief from that pain & also sometimes i cant move & turn bcoz of that back west pain. Besides that when i woke up morning from sleep, my both hands fingers are hard to move bcoz of pain but after 5/10 min it is becoming normal.

      Always that pain (left lower abdomen) i feel less or more, especially at night time & after food & before urinating its increases & Sometimes during urination time feel so irritating in my penis.

      Stiffness yes at night time its harder in full stomach.
      My appetite is normal not feel that much hungriness.
      Not constipated.

      Please do guide me, as of now i didn’t get any medical consultation bcoz financially i am passing through quite a hard time. I will be awaiting for ur favorable replay.

      Thanking You

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