Mucus stool

I have been having still with mucus on it , now my stool is pure mucus with a pink tint. I feel like I have to go my stomach start to hurt very bad but then air and mucus is all that come out and it smells different than normal. It’s been a week now since it started  and also not sure if it related but my gland in my neck is swollen and hurts. Please help??

  1. Looks like Gastroenteritis, infection in intestine.
    I am prescribing you some lab tests and medicines.
    Prescribed Medicines –
    1. Nexpro RD 40 Capsule
    Daily for 5 days before food
    2.Metrogyl 200 Tablet
    Morning-1, Night-1
    Daily for 5 days after food

    Prescribed Lab Tests –
    1. USG Whole Abdomen
    as soon as possible
    2. Liver Function Test
    as soon as possible
    3. Complete Blood Count
    as soon as possible

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