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I have been having still with mucus on it , now my stool is pure mucus with a pink tint. I feel like I have to go my stomach start to hurt very bad but then air and mucus is all that come out and it smells different than normal. It’s been a week now since it started  and also not sure if it related but my gland in my neck is swollen and hurts. Please help??

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  1. Looks like Gastroenteritis, infection in intestine.
    I am prescribing you some lab tests and medicines.
    Prescribed Medicines –
    1. Nexpro RD 40 Capsule
    Daily for 5 days before food
    2.Metrogyl 200 Tablet
    Morning-1, Night-1
    Daily for 5 days after food

    Prescribed Lab Tests –
    1. USG Whole Abdomen
    as soon as possible
    2. Liver Function Test
    as soon as possible
    3. Complete Blood Count
    as soon as possible

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