Neurological problems (?)


Hi, I’m a girl and I’ll be 18 in January.

For more than two years now I’ve been experiencing these (what I think might be) neurological symptoms. It feels like a head tremor, almost as if my head is vibrating. It happens when someone looks at me and suddenly I freeze, my entire body tenses up and I can feel my head/neck tremoring. My movements become very jerky and I can barely control my neck movements, it feels like some sort of spasm. I can’t maintain eye contact and as a sort of reflex, my head jerks back and I have to look at the ground. It can last about 1-5 seconds. It gets worse with anxiety and specific people trigger it (although, in tough periods even family members can trigger it). This has been such a struggle for me and I was on sick leave for 6 months, as the social anxiety I developed because of this kept me from being in school. I also went into a deep depression. It really interferes with my daily life and I’ve been searching for a while now for a way to treat/diagnose this. I feel like no one takes me seriously because I have anxiety and people just assume it’s in my head, but I can physically feel myself tremoring and it’s really frustrating. And yes, it is anxiety-related because the symptoms get worse in anxious periods, but the symptoms are still there, right? And so disregarding what triggers it, I’m thinking it can be treated in the same way. But I don’t know which is why I’m writing here because I’m desperate for answers; what could this be and is it treatable? Thank you for taking your time reading this and answering, feel free to let me know if I should elaborate further.

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