Period 15 days apart

  1. Hello Doctor, My period has always fallen within the good range but suddenly today I got another PERIOD barely 15 days after the last one. Prior to today, I have had about 5 days of tender, really tender and full breasts and in between I was awake 24 hours for two days I am 33 years old and been deliberately celibate for 10 years now so I know I am not pregnant. I am worried! Is something wrong with me? Below is my track since April April 21-24 31days May 22-25 28days June 19-22 31 days July 20-23 27 days August 16-19 29 days Sept. 14-17 and now Sept 29 (15 days)
  1. Better get gynec consult once and check up. He will guide you then after examination.

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