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My case begun 6 days ago when I was participating in a football tournament and I started feeling dizzy and a spinning movement maybe 30 mins before the game (the feeling lasted few seconds) so I was scared If I faint during the game and I asked the coach to not put me in. I was thinking It was because I didn’t have breakfast and also we sat in a place which is not covered from the sun. the next two days I was still afraid from getting dizzy and fainting like I was thinking about it most of the time even If I played in the final game for 15mins without a problem. When the tournament ended, the next three days I was thinking about what If I have a serious problem in my brain and started googling symptoms and being anxious. As a result during the day I have a feeling of being unsteady and constantly fearing from falling down and fainting (even If It didn’t happen but I still think about It). I have no other symptoms except this unsteadiness feeling and being anxious about It all the time. I want to know If Its only in my mind or I have to go to a doctor for a check.

(by the way I had the same case back in January when I had a headache and felt dizzy before sleeping and I startedbeing anxious about it maybe for the next 6 or 7 days. I had the same feeling of imbalance and scared from fainting even It didn’t happen once and also I did many activities like driving for hours and walking for a long time without a problem. After those days I said Its only in my mind and I will get over it until it disappeared slowly.

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